Monday, June 6, 2011

Nameplate with Ganesh

This one is for gift. My sis-in-law want to give some handmade gift to her friend which is useful. her friend like nameplate (agrawal) which i made for sample so she tell me to make same.
but i want to make something different but this is as per her choice so i just add Ganesh idol in it.

i made same pattern nameplate atleast 5 times. i want something new but people like same. actually this design is really beautiful i cant blame on them but i feel my creativity stop at certain point because making same design again and again.
lets see what comes next…,


  1. nice nameplate.. ya ur right when we make the same stuff again we get bored.. we always want something new to make.

  2. It is so beautiful.No wonder people ask you for the same thing. I love the Lord Ganesha idol you have put in.

  3. thanks bhavana, sonia.
    ur comments r valuable for me.