Friday, July 8, 2011


This is my first time entry to ICR challenges.


CHALLANGE:  is to create a 100% pink card(ANYTHING ELSE) – from the base and papers to the embellishments and sentiment, it all has to be PINK!

If necessary only, WE CAN ADD cream/white to the challenge... just NO BLACK :)}

DSC02275 I made this card for ICR6 challenge .And i also made a photo frame for this challenge.

DSC02272 DSC02271

On this wooden frame with m-seal i made this pinky girl.

Hope u like it

Another Ganesh but without Basuri


Hi friends this is a same nameplate but here some texture, color, and most of all Ganest idol without Basuri 


Every time when we try some thing new it take lot of time and efforts.  So this is  2nd time i m doing same design so it is much easier than earlier name plate.

hope u like this.