Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mseal Ganesh on Nameplate


Finally after all that repeated work i got some thing different. In this nameplate Ganesh idol is made on wood . Little Mushak (mouse) looks cute in it.

DSC02252  DSC02251

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Main door show piece

In Indian family we people always pray Lord Ganesh  on any occasion . that y i gifted this mural to my brother on his wedding.

front door show piece

i made this with  wood , m-seal,  and dust colors.

Another Same Nameplate

    This one is for my neighbor.
They want their full name on it and same design but because of their difference in spelling i place Ganesh idol for balancing

iris paper card

This is lovely leaf card i made for my sis.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Multiple Pages Card

This is my first multiple pages card. In this i use different pattern papers in it.
My friend want to give this card to her colleague on his sendoff. she want lot of massage for her friend like good luck for future, we miss u, and so on. it take me 3 days to complete this card . 

I use digi image for this card this was first time i m using it. i learn lot about it from my crafter friend how to make it. but for coloring i don't have water color pencils and craft store is not near to my place and their is less chances for i m getting that in store so i us color pencils which children us in their paintings. luckily it works.
This one is a front page of card
  This is 2nd and 3rd page in which i make tags with massages and some envelopes
DSC02125  DSC02129
This is 4rth &5th page in ths page first i have to add so tags but i already added in 3rd page so i just stick some inspirational massage for future and career.
This is 6th &7th page i already write lot of massage so  i just decorate this page.
in 7th page i insert another small foldable card which contains different massages and designs
  DSC02134 DSC02137DSC02135 DSC02136
here i attach video of this card

Tri shutter card

This is my 2nd tri shutter card. i feel improvement in earlier one.  Actually i have near about 40-50 handmade design paper but when i going to make card i always feel i confuse and didn't get proper combination. luckily i have white and maroon paper which i use inside. which makes me feel better. 
I really love making this card because its quit challenging and gives grt look. DSC02138
 DSC02140 DSC02141 DSC02142
I added video of this card which gives u clear idea about this card

Monday, June 6, 2011

Nameplate with Ganesh

This one is for gift. My sis-in-law want to give some handmade gift to her friend which is useful. her friend like nameplate (agrawal) which i made for sample so she tell me to make same.
but i want to make something different but this is as per her choice so i just add Ganesh idol in it.

i made same pattern nameplate atleast 5 times. i want something new but people like same. actually this design is really beautiful i cant blame on them but i feel my creativity stop at certain point because making same design again and again.
lets see what comes next…,

Mini Birthday card

This one is foldable card. Its is to make but looks so beautiful.
I m little bit confuse about what to add in it so i just have some foam numbers. i make color zerox of that and attach their. i don't have enough embellishment. so i just stick some puffy stickers and cake designs in it.
DSC02148In this video u will get clear idea about this card.