Friday, February 25, 2011

broken glass mural

Thursday, February 3, 2011

tissu paper box

I use cardboard box to make this. first cut the flap as par your need. then apply dental power paste. give texture with the help of  thumb. apply black as a base color. then brown , copper with gentle strokes.

name plate

it is so hard to make latter but i love to make things for my house. 

hot ceramic frame

this is hot ceramic frame.
first cut the mdf sheet as per your requirement.draw or trace design. use m-seal to make human figures. let it dry for couple of hours. apply white acrylic color on mdf sheet. let it dry for a day.
then paint figures with pearl colors or metallic color  . use glitters, 3d outliners for decoration.let it dry for one day.

now lets start main part:: mix hardener and resin (liquid) in a proportion 1:2.
(don't use metal container) you will get  that in art & craft shop or in case hardware shop. pour that into the frame don't touch till its dry. avoid movement .

wall clock

my first clock. i use mdf ply and paper roll to make this.
i recently made this.

tile painting

These paintings are on tiles.I use glass and 3d outliner for border and painted with acrylic color.  

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

paper quilling

i use 10 mm black and white stripes for flower which i pasted inside. and make petals with 3mm stripes with 2 layers.
This one is an anniversary greeting. I trace design on handmade paper. then i make a outline with quilling strips and add some quilling roll inside as a filling.

 punch craft with paper quilling