I have been connected with art from the time i was kid. I just love to do art and craft in any form.

I started the classes from basic drawing and designing and move on to article based curriculum where the students learn to paint on Trays, Pots, Boxes, Bags, Fabrics, Tiles etc. 
We teach various Indian and modern styles of work which include Kundan, Meenakari, Coffee Painting, Madhubani, Warli etc. under Indian  Stroke work, Glass Painting, stroke work, and Ceramic Work, Fabric Painting, Elementary and Intermediate grade exam classes, Art and Craft Packages for children
Here I will share with you my various experiences while experimenting with different forms of Art and Craft Techniques from time to time.

Any one above 18 – 80 - age is no bar as far as you love art and craft.

What is the pre-qualification required – Love for Art and Craft. Willingness to explore and love having fun. 

In my classes i teach:
Wall Clock
Hot Ceramic
Photo Frame
Warli Painting
Miniature Painting
Coffee Painting
Fabric Painting
Paper Craft
Paper Bags
Paper Quilling
Clay Molding
Broken Glass Mural
Glass Etching
and many more....

For further details email me on or on 9821066160
Venue: Kapurbawadi, Thane, Mumbai.